Garden of the Gods Homes is a family owned business. Mike Woelke, President is joined by his two sons James and Mike Jr. Mike’s Father, Frank is a retired home builder and lives here in Colorado Springs. Grandpa Frank provides lots of advice and is never reluctant to share his experience. Building goes back 5 generations in the Woelke Family. Growing up in homebuilding, Mike Woelke has the unique ability to connect with the customer, seeing their vision to create the spaces that makes their home uniquely individual. Unlike many of the larger Colorado Springs semi-custom homebuilders, Mike is personally involved throughout the process. He knows what is going into each house, what goes on behind the scenes and gives his customers open honest communication about their new home.


Mike started out framing homes with his father over 38 years ago; learning skills that have been handed down literally for generations. He, like many others, was fortunate enough to learn home building the hard way by being a tradesman and doing it all.  It taught him to appreciate the value of a job well done.  His commitment to his clients goes beyond the four walls.  His homes are built with the very best materials available, the space carefully planned to meet the customer’s needs and the team is there every step of the way to provide the ultimate in service.

To keep the buyer involved during the entire process, Garden of the Gods Homes uses Co-Construct; a web based tool that keeps everyone together on the same page. Everything from the home options, scheduling, pictures of the build and the necessary comments about the build process are all located in one place for the home buyer to see and communicate with everyone involved.


Garden of the Gods Homes is a small, respected, custom home builder. Mike builds a limited number of handcrafted homes each year and is always looking for the next challenge, ready to help his clients realize their dreams and create their unique spaces. With three grandsons growing up here in Colorado Springs it looks like the family legacy will live on.


“May you enjoy this home as much as we have enjoyed the journey of bringing it to you; from the planning and building, to the final day when it truly becomes yours.”


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